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Atomic Units.

Electron binding energies, in electron volts. (In PDF format)

Physical constants. (In PDF format)

Properties of the elements. (In PDF format)

Periodic Table of Elements. (In PDF format)

X-Ray Data Booklet

Database of Ionic Radii.

Crystal and ionic radii of the elements. (In PDF format)

Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme (PACS).

Crystallography Open Database.

Journal Titles and Abbreviations.

1 meter = 103 millimeters = 106 micrometers = 109 nanometers = 1012 picometers = 1015 femtometers

1 THz = 33.36 cm-1; 1 meV = 8.066 cm-1; 1 Hartree = 27.2116 eV

More units conversion.