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The Sounds of EXAFS

Science is never boring. Refresh your mind with the sounds of EXAFS spectra!

Re L3-edge in ReO3

Ir L3-edge in IrO2

Ni K-edge in NiO

Zn K-edge in ZnO

Zn K-edge in ZnO2

Ti K-edge in anatase TiO2

Ge K-edge in germanium

Fe K-egde in iron

Ga K-edge in anatase Ga2O3

Zn K-edge in ZnWO4

W L3-edge in ZnWO4

Bi L3-edge in Bi2O3

Nb K-edge in Nb2O5

Ni K-edge in nickel

Y K-edge in yttrium

Re L3-edge in ReO2

Zn K-edge in zinc

Mo K-edge in molybdenum

More sounds are coming ...