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Electron Microscopy

(1989-1997, A. Sazonov, A. Kuzmin, J. Purans)

The laboratory EXAFS-spectrometer was created at the Institute of Solid State Physics on the base of the conventional diffractometer DRON-3M. It allows to measure the x-ray absorption spectra of elements having the absorption edges from 5 KeV to 20 KeV.

To focus X-ray radiation, the Johann scheme with the bent alpha-quartz (1011) crystal-monochromator is used. During measurements the bent of the crystal remains constant (the defocusing of radiation is insignificant so that the change of intensity in the range up to 600 eV above absorption edge does not exceed 10%). The counting rate of the monochromatized zero beam from the conventional x-ray tube is about 105 counts per second with the resolution about 6 eV.

Main reference:
A. Kuzmin, N. Mironova, J. Purans and A. Sazonov,
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Phys. Stat. Sol. (a) 135 (1993) 133-141.

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Comparison of the Ni K-edge in cubic NiO measured using synchrotron radiation and laboratory EXAFS-spectrometer