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Curriculum Vitae

Dr.hab.phys. Juris Purans
Position/Job Title/Affilation:
Head of Thin Films Laboratory
Institute of Solid State Physics
University of Latvia 

Qualification of Professors of Universities in France
PhD Habil in Physics, Latvia University, Latvia
PhD in Physics, Latvia University, Latvia

Areas of Expertise: 
Condensed Matter Physics and Chemistry,
Thin Film Technology,
Synchrotron X-ray absorption 

Representative publications:
  1. J. Purans et al., Local electronic structure rearrangements and strong anharmonicity in YH3 under pressures up to 180 GPa, Nature Communications 12 (2021) 1765.

  2. J. Purans et al., High power impulse magnetron sputtering of Zn/Al target in an Ar and Ar/O2 atmosphere: The study of sputtering process and AZO films, Surface & Coatings Technology 369 (2019) 156.

  3. J. Purans et al., The local atomic structure and thermoelectric properties of Ir-doped ZnO: hybrid DFT calculations and XAS experiments, J. Mater. Chem. C. 2021,  9, 4948.

  • Dr. habil. phys., Prof.  Juris Purans is a head of Thin Films Laboratory (since 2017) and previously EXAFS Spectroscopy Laboratory (1993-2017). 

  • Since 2013 he is a full member of the Latvian Academy of Science. 

  • In 2001, 2005, 2008 he received a qualification of Professors of Universities in France, but in 2003-2005 - Prof. COC Universita' di Trento, 2005-2008 – Prof. University of France. 

  • J. Purans  has 30-years of growing experience in the R&D of electrochromic, thermochromic, TCO thin films, HIPIMS magnetron sputtering and characterization of various materials including Synchrotron Radiation Facilities for x-ray absorption spectroscopy. 

  • J. Purans has published over 197 scientific papers (h-index=34, citation 2913 according publon WoS) and given numerous invited talks at international conferences.  

  • He received the prestigious LAS Awards  "Latvian Science’s Top 10 Achievements" in  2019, 2015, 2014, 2013 as well as Acad. E. Silina prize from  LAS and "Fibonacci" prize in Italy; 

  • 2016  - Rome Intern. Center for Materials Science of Superstripes "Fibonacci" prize of Prof. A.Bianconi; 

  • 2019 - The award of the Latvian Academy of Sciences and Riga City Council.

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