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  • MyFab LIMS

  • Phenom Pro - a desktop scanning electron microscope.
        Download User Manual in PDF format.


  • SEM-FIB Tescan Lyra XM - SEM with Schottky field emission cathode in combination with gallium Focused Ion Beam (FIB) column and with Gas Injection System (GIS).

  • TEM FEI Tecnai GF20 offers imaging and analysis solution for life sciences, materials sciences, nanotechnology, and the semiconductor and data storage industries.

  • PANalytical X'Pert Pro Powder diffractometer for high resolution powder diffraction, phase identification and quantitative phase analysis, analysis of thin films and coatings, crystallite size and strain determination.
        Download User's Guide in PDF format.


  • Nanoindenter G200 (Keysight former Agilent) allows micromechanical characterization of thin films and coatings, nanomaterials and surface layers of bulk materials.


  • Veeco AFM CP-II allows visualization of nanostructures in materials science (surface morphology).
        Download User's Guide in PDF format.


  • NT-MDT Stand Alone "SMENA" Scanning Probe Microscope.
        Download description in PDF format.


  • "Nanofinder S" 3D Scanning Confocal Microscope with Spectrometer.
        Download Specifications and Users Manual in PDF format.


  • Nikon Eclipse L150 - optical microscope with 5 megapixels digital camera.
        Download User Manual in PDF format.